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Clean & Clean Australia is based in Melbourne and has been serving Melbourne businesses for over 20 years; providing professional commercial cleaning services across Melbourne Victoria. We have a large, dedicated team of qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for offices, schools, education facilities, child care centres, medical centres, gyms and sporting complexes.

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The team at Clean & Clean Australia regularly caters to
the services and needs of many businesses around Melbourne,
both large and small organization.

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    Fully Qualified and Trained
    Our mission here at
    Clean & Clean Australia is to
    provide Melbourne businesses
    with cost-effective cleaning

    There are Many Reasons Why having a Clean Working Environment is Important

    Here At Clean and Clean we aim to ensure the Highest Standard in commercial and office cleaning for Businesses across Melbourne , Having flexible work hours and staff enables our company to offer the Best tailored office cleaning packages to suit our clients individual retirements and needs. Allowing for minimal to no disruption in the workplace or for your employees. Having a clean office working space and business can not only help increase productivity but also help lowering any occupation and safety problems that may occur by having a clean and safe work environment .

    We understand the importance of the high level of stranded needed in the Commercial cleaning Sector and carry out regular audits to sure our highest cleaning standards are maintained

    How Can You Ensure Quality Cleaning At Your Workplace?

    The team at Clean and Clean Australia make this easy for you.
    There are two great ways you can ensure a quality clean for your office and work place – You can employ cleaning professionals yourself or hire cleaning professionals from a commercial cleaning service in Melbourne like Clean and Clean Australia. Our High standards and internal checks we have in place, with our staff along with regular audits, give our clients peace of mind knowing there cleaning requirements will be done right the first time. Having a large team environment allows our company to not only be competitive and affordable for many business in Melbourne needing Cleaning Contractors but also give our company the winning edge. By giving our clients the flexibility needed throughout the day when cleaning requirements are needed outside of business hours. Our individual tailored cleaning packages for both office cleaning and commercial cleaning makes cleaning easy. Call our team today for any cleaning advice or your cleaning needs.

    Clean and Clean Australia

    Your Trusted Cleaning Contractors For All Your Commercial and Residential Cleaning Needs